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Thread: 83.6% [OT], 16.4% [EE]: Anyone dealt with Custom PCB?
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> I don't know when I signed up as a "member", but fortunately I
> did this using an email alias I made up just for them.  (I do
> this a lot for
> various on line merchants.  One of the benefits of running your own email
> server).  That email address is now disabled, with a comment that it was
> spammed on 13 July 2001.

Gee, thought I was the only one who did this.
But so far (in a few months), no spam.  Can't remember the sign-up
form, but if there is a comment field somewhere, or additional address
line, I usually use that to let them know that I won't tolerate spam.
Supposedly, I can then sue them if they do, though I haven't tried
nor have the time/patience to try.


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Subject (change) 83.6% [OT], 16.4% [EE]: Anyone dealt with Custom PCB?

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