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Thread: Random sequence
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I would suggest:

How to get randomly-biased dice number.

1. Associate six 8-bit registers with six dice numbers.
2. Init them with 128 values.
3. On each loop subtract 5 from  that register which
  number was hit until it reached 0, of course.
  And add 1 to other registers until they reached 255.
4. Get 16-bit Sum of the registers.
5. Get random value from 0 to the Sum.("White noise"-Jinx
  is a Guru, "Black noise"-Roman is a Master ;-) :o)
6. Summarize register values until this sum reached
  previous "The Sum". Last register's number involved
  with this summarizing is the "randomly-biased dice
7. Go to "3."

No multiplication. No 32-bit calcs. "Numbers which had
been rolled less often" are of more probability to be hit.

Sorry, if someone has expressed the idea, I hadn't chance
of reading the thread: summertime seaside matters.

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