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>Hello List,
>Been away for a while.  Need to purchase a low cost emulator to use for a 16F627 and a 16C55.  At the old job, I used a PICMASTER and have seen a couple on E$%^ at a decent price.  Catch is they didn't have the pods I needed.  Are the pods still available for these old units?  Or is there a good third party unit that is much cheaper than Microchips current offerings.
You can't buy the pods any more, but I suspect there are a lot
gathering dust on the shelves of people who've upgraded to MPLAB-ICE,
so keep an eye on ebay and electronics surplus dealers.

Remember that pod-wise, you can often develop the vast majority of the
code on a different processor and tweak the last few CPU-dependent
parts on eprom/flash chips. In many cases you can set assemble-time
options to make this process very easy - e.g. swapping code to read
from external eeproms with the code for internal eeprom access.
A pod for something like the 16C74 will cover the majority of PICs to
a reasonable level.
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