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Thread: Leveling surface ---> Laser/inkjet decals
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Hot dog!

I've been following these 'decal' threads with interest,
and finally hit some pay dirt (a reference to Micromark
followed up by a Goggle search produced the following),
the "big enchilada" of decal-sources so to speak:


  We manufacture:
  o water slide decal paper
      (for inkjet printers and laser printers/photocopiers) and
  o "waterproof" inkjet vinyl and cling/tack film
     (for inkjet printers)


If you are not sure what inkjet media might fit your needs and/or if you are
interested in sampling our media and various over-laminates, we suggest you
order the inkjet sample pack.


The inkjet sample pack includes 16 sheets of quality inkjet media and
glue/fixative as follows:

2 Sheets inkjet water slide decal paper
2 Sheets white self adhesive waterproof inkjet vinyl
2 Sheets inkjet tattoo paper

2 Sheets white inkjet  cling/tack (Waterproof)

2 Sheets glossy photo film self adhesive
2 Sheets glossy film over-laminate
2 Sheets matte photo over-laminate
2 Sheets matte white flexible magnetic
2 fl. oz. tattoo tack
2 fl. oz. decal fixative
12 foam pads

Item# INK03G


RF Jim

(PS. A TEXAS-based company I have no connection with.)

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