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Thread: 50 HZ sine wave from pic 16F84
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Olin Lathrop scribbled:

> ...  This is an *English* speaking list.  Nobody has to post here.
> We hold no monopoly on email lists talking about PICs or any other
> subject.  If someone doesn't like the fact that this is an English
> speaking list, they can go start their own list in whatever language
> they like. ...

I *usually* don't get into discussions such as this, but this
is kind of harsh isn't it?  Where do you draw the line on when
someone is English-speaking enough to post on this list?  I know
many native English speakers who make mistakes.  Should we have
English and spelling tests as PIClist entrance requirements?

And I don't think that they did 'not like the fact that this
is an English speaking list'.  I think you did not like the
fact that they were not 100% English speaking.

> If someone is asking me for a favor, it's their job to communicate
> with me the way I ask.  If they don't like it, oh well.  I've got
> plenty of other things to do.

Exactly.  Ignore and move on.

Whereas I agree with some of what you say, remember also
that you have no obligation to respond to someone you think
is trying to get the list to do their work for them.

If enough people feel that way, the poster will be ignored
and go away eventually, and the "problem" will be "solved".
I think a couple messages from such a poster would be less
of an annoyance than the many emails generated by discussing
this issue... as we're doing here.

And if others want to help, then so be it.

As the internet and other forms of communications improvements
make the world virtually smaller, we're going to have to learn
to deal with some of these language and cultural barriers.

-Neil "still waiting on getting my bathrooms cleaned" N.

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