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Thread: 50 HZ sine wave from pic 16F84
picon face BY : Mike Singer email (remove spam text)

I should place in my message as much :-) faces as you
had placed "sorry" word in yours. Don't monopolize the
word, please. Share it with Olin, if possible. Without this
word he looks like being absolutely sure of his rightfulness
unbending communist leader Fidel Castro for example. :-)
Should I compare him with other English speaking guy
Hamlet with his feeble "to be; or not to be". :-)

Mike. :-)
PS: I wish I had written skills in Russian, as excellent as
      you have in English.

Olin Lathrop wrote:
> Russell McMahon wrote:
oo But you have
oo in fact helped make the point that I was trying to make - that is,
oo when dealing with people for whom English is NOT their first
oo language. what may SEEM like laziness or rudeness CAN be
oo mainly or completely a result of their lack of grasp of English.
oo We want to encourage such people - not chase them away.

> Only to a point.  This is an *English* speaking list.  Nobody has to
> here.  We hold no monopoly on email lists talking about PICs or any
> subject.  If someone doesn't like the fact that this is an English
> list, they can go start their own list in whatever language they like.

> I'm not trying to be elitist, merely selfishly looking out for my own
> and comfort.  I can deal with a little broken English, but don't want
> (and won't) waste a lot of time second guessing what might really
really be
> meant by a post.  If someone is asking me for a favor, it's their job
> communicate with me the way I ask.  If they don't like it, oh well.
> got plenty of other things to do.
> Also, I don't think broken English is the barrier you make it out to
> For example see posts from Vasily.  He obviously struggles with
English, but
> in the end you can usually get the general idea of what he is trying
to say.
> He also comes accross quite clearly as a nice guy who is trying to
> rather than an arrogant ingrate who wants someone else to do all the
> for him.

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Subject (change) 50 HZ sine wave from pic 16F84

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