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Thread: Soldering pin headers
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Quick note on soldering... I've always been an 'decent'
solderer, having used my own PCB's and pre-etched PCB's
(from Radio Shack) with the breadboard-like patterns.

However, since I started using PCB's made by a PCB house
(which are solder-coated copper on FR4), I've become a
soldering guru overnight.

Two days ago, I found an old Radio Shack PCB and transferred
the pet feeder to it.  I did clean up the board, but my
soldering has gone to what can only be classified as
poor.  Not sure why, but the moral of the story is that
the board type, and cleanliness of the parts will make
a major difference!

I'd recommend getting some "good" PCB's to learn on,
before tackling the junk stuff.  Now I'll leave it to
the experts to figure out which board type is good vs


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