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Thread: What Test Gear to measure xtal frequency to 1Hz
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> You may get precise time signals from "radiostations
> of precise time signals" for example.

Here in the states there are receivers that receive a signal
of 60 KHz directly that are usd to keep/correct time.

Of course, GPS is another obvious choice for either correct
time or time correction (using 1 Hz time "pulses" from receiver).

As Mike pointed out, keeping simple un-ovenized, free-running
crystal oscillaters "on-frequency" is a considerable design task
itself. (Each and every crystal exhibits slightly different
characteristics over temperature and time that MUST be offset
in a variety of ways - not to mention requirements for periodic
calibration at say, yearly intervals, that are meant correct for
component and crystal aging.)

RF Jim

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/timers.htm?key=xtal
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