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I view the NS as a 'mind-candy' publication.

As to the subject of HPM weapons - I highly doubt their
effectiveness and utility for a variety of reasons ... having
worked on some higher-power gear myself (including Ku band
RADAR) in the defence sector.

We, as a people in the *real* world encounter so much more
trouble from nature what nature 'throws' out in the way of
lightning strikes to computer and telecom facilities as
well as large magnetic fluctuations across power grids due
to electron emanations from the sun -

- that anything some piddly airborne platform can hurl at
an enmemy will be pale by comparison - excluding, of course,
EMP from an atmospheric atom bomb detonation - but even then
the damage there will be somewhat 'localized'.

So much of what appears in the NS seems to be more 'political'
science than 'real' science. When they start loading in the
weasel words such as 'may be possble' and "it's possible" -
those are your leading indices that you're being "snowed"
and NS is venturing into speculation-land ...


  "RF" (as in "Radio Frequency" both high and low power) Jim

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