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Thread: Fluke meter LCD problem -- THE SOLUTION !
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Hmmm...  I post the message and head out the door.
While I'm watching hot rods and drinking, you folks
are hard at work trying to solve my problem.  I just
got back in and read thru the responses, tried a
couple things and the problems is solved.  I freakin'
love it!!!!  :-)

So here are responses to all the thoughts, opinions,
questions and suggestions posted...

- Had the meter for at least 13 years now (I was in
still in the Caribbean back then, and there was no
one there who could service it there, so I just lived
with the dim display) for a while, and it's been
sitting unused for quite some time.

- Yes, I did also notice that a super fresh battery
would perk up the display a bit, but it would fade
very soon after.

- No, I don't have a rechargeable battery for it.

- Yes, I did try a very fresh Energizer, but the
display was almost non-existent today.  So what is
the ratio test actually measuring?

- Same here, I own a bunch of cheaper LCD DMM's, and
none of them have this problem.

- Tried the ratio test, but could not read the
display enough to see the results.

- Not sure why a remote control should be "icky" inside,
but perhaps there's a *remote* way to clean it?  :-)

- Think I'll avoid chemical contact cleaners as much
as possible.  Ever since I wiped off a leather sofa
with Zap household cleaner and it totally dissolved
the threads, I'm a sceptic of chemicals.

- Yes, someone can tell you what type of material is
in the zebra strips.  I just do not happen to be that

- SOLUTION ...  Popped open the case and "erased" the
little rubber zebra strip with the white eraser built
into a mechanical pencil.  Bingo!  Display is sharper
than it has ever been.

Thanks much everyone!  Can't believe I've had this
laying around unused for over a dozen years.


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