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Thread: Fluke meter LCD problem
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Subject: Re: [EE]: Fluke meter LCD problem

> Neil,
> I have a Fluke 87 DMM built somewhere around 1993 to 1995, and it
> periodically needs repair for the same symptoms you described -- a gradual
> "dimming" of the LCD display.  Maybe a better way to describe it is a loss
> of contrast so that the numbers no longer appear different from the
> background.
> A couple Fluke reps at a trade show immediately knew the problem (guess it
> was common) and showed me what to do.  The meter must be disassembled to
> point where the LCD glass can be removed.  There are a couple rubbery
> components that are apparently the (non-metallic) conductors to the LCD
> glass.  I'm not familiar with the construction technology, but they need
> be cleaned, perhaps with a swab moistened with alcohol.  They may have
> a pencil eraser, I don't recall at this point.
> I just did mine a few minutes ago to prepare this response.    This is
> probably the third time this repair has been needed.  The display had
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