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Gak! Cough! Hak!

Here's an article from one of their pages, with my comments added:

 "E-bomb" may see first combat use in Iraq

 17:45 08 August 02

 NewScientist.com news service

 Weapons designed to attack electronic systems and not people
 could see their first combat use in any military attack on Iraq.

Note the use of the weasel words "could see" in the above sentence,
for *what* type of advanced systems are in use in Iraq?

  It is widely believed that the US is planning for an attack
  that could overthrow Iraq's leader, Saddam Hussein, who it
  believes is developing weapons of mass destruction. The Iraqi
  president responded publicly for the first time on Thursday,
  exhorting Iraqis to be prepared "with all the force you can
  to face your enemies".

This "it is widely believed" part is due to leaks and perhaps
planned leaks by our State Department for purpose of drawing
off attention from our *true* under-takings. The first rule
of war being NEVER to disclose your true plans.

To this end the PRESS has been totally duped by these planned
and planted 'leaks'.

I didn't read anymore for fear of losing brain matter in the
process (a fear of a "net loss of intelligence" kind of thing) ...

RF Jim

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