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Thread: Heater control
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> I need a simple SCR or TRIAC based heater power control. I have
> heater of 2kW(220V~) and I want to deliver only 0 to 500W to it.
> anyone have a idea or link or anything that can help me? I think
> about optocupler with zero cross unit but I need help about that?

A couple of circuits here that should help


For a heater you can count zero crossings and switch the element
on/off for whole cycles (not suitable for lights, too flashy). The closer
to the z-c point you turn the element's power on/off the less chance
of creating EMI. For setting the power output, may I suggest


or perhaps use an IR system built around ideas on the first page or
DIP switches. The light chaser here


uses a rotary panel switch diode-ANDed to make a 4-bit BCD

Take your pick

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=heater+control
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