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Thread: Piclist Beginners Kit (PBK) - Round 2
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Hey Jinx,

Okay, I've got too much packing to do so things are
chaos around here.  So I won't mess with you today...

The green golf ball joke is the joke itself -- it was
the biggest (that I've seen) joke scam by thousands
or millions across the internet about 8-10 years
ago, when the internet was almost completely populated
with just geeks.  The joke was that there was no joke,
but that newbies would get on and be made fun of cause
they did not know the joke.  Actually they were not
made so much fun of, as they were left in the dark
about not knowing the joke.  To date, I'm still not
sure where it got the term "green golf ball".

I remember my period of frustration when I was a
newbie back then.


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