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Thread: Leveling surface
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> 5-minute epoxy is usually more flexible than
> "real" epoxy, so it may actually work.  But
> I can see it being a nightmare to put on and
> not make a mess of.

The trick with epoxy is the bonding surfaces. Epoxy itself
is tough but if it hasn't got a good grip or ingress into the
surfaces then the overall bond is not strong. When I use
it, especially on metal,  I mess up the surfaces with coarse
grit sandpaper and/or a centrepunch and/or drill small holes
to make epoxy "pegs" in the final bond. As you say though,
tacky epoxy fingerprints means you need to keep the turps
handy. Over time, vibration and thermal expansion of the
metal gets the better of the epoxy's grip. It seems more
appropriate, in my experience anyway, to use epoxy like
solder, in that the bond is better if it's three-dimensional
rather than surface only, and the epoxy to some extent or
other surrounds parts in the joint. OTOH I've found contact
adhesives are a pretty good for permanent surface bonds
for a lot of materials that epoxy just won't stick to, especially

> Alternate solution -- take the case to one of
> those paintless dent repair places and tell
> them you have all those dents in the rectangle
> that the sticker will go on.... :-)

And while one guy's tapping out the dents there's another
tapping his head, rolling his eyes and making "cuckoo"
sounds in Josh's general direction

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