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Thread: Four byte counter - best method?
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>  Before you even start to do things like that, though, it might
>  be helpful to re-read the data sheet and notice that DECF doesn't
>  affect the Carry flag.

Interesting you mention that.  This is true for the 16 series, but NOT
for the 18 series.
I used a slightly modified version of John Payson's binary to decimal
routine from piclist.com on a 16 series chip - when I moved the code to
an 18 series chip, it didn't work.  It turned out that it was because
DECF now affected the carry flag.
So, I thought, sure would be nice if the instruction DIFFERENCES between
the series were documented somewhere, rather than just me discovering
them by slogging through the data sheets.  Then, hmmm, I wonder if
Microchip did exactly that.  From the back of the data sheet, with a
little poking around that obtuse website, and presto:  AN716.  Covers
the instruction differences and a lot more!  Of course, this is for the
'C' series; an 'F' series equivalent would be nice (and may even exist),
but this one is helpful.
Could have saved some time by looking for this first - my bad!

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