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Thread: Is this true or is it Bull .... !!
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What's the bulb-life like under this scheme?

RF Jim

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Subject: [EE]:Is this true or is it Bull .... !!

> I have a vested interest in getting lights to be brighter for less -
> Unfortunately I
> don't have the money to go to HID lights.
> So - is this true or is it a crock !!
> Basically what Illustro does is this. Using a standard bulb, be it
> Halogen or Xenon (but not HID), a 24 volt pulse is fed in rather than a
> constant12 volts. By switching from 0 to 24 volts up to 2,500 times a
> you get a light that is 2.5 times brighter. For example a 60-watt standard
> Halogen bulb will give out the equivalent light of a 180-watt bulb. And
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Subject (change) Is this true or is it Bull .... !!

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