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Thread: Microchip should not cheat us
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Anbunathan R wrote:
> Hi,
> Whatever Microchip specification about ICSP is not correct.
> Especially i want to develop a programmer for Flash
> controllers like 16F84,16F628 and 16F873. I could succeed in
> reading, writing,erasing the flash memory and configuration
> memory. Whereas if i try to protect and unprotect the chip i
> could n't. I have followed the ICSP specification to do the
> above function which is given by Microchip. But my time and
> effort gone waste. Microchip should not do this. I feel
> Microchip is cheating the engineers by giving a wrong
> programming spec.

You should prove you really followed programming
ICSP specification before blaming Microchip for cheating.
A lot of folks here did it for years with standard programmers,
many with their own.


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