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Russell McMahon wrote:
> - The affects of Protein & Calorie deficiency on children *
> are nothing compared to the damage inflicted on a nubile
> brain by bank switching, paging, arcane commands,
> quaint port behaviour and more. Use of the 18xxx series
> or the AVR remedies these shortcomings. (* - hey - how
> would YOU translate Marasmus :-)  ? )
Hi, Russell,
Can't translate "marasm". That was a popular common
word at MIPT where I was educated from 1979 to 1985
after school. It was last Breszhnev's times of "developed
socialism". Nothing in economical and political life had
logical grounds. We used to use "marasm" word to label
anything, that couldn't be logically based.
Nothing changed under the Sun: was a dissident a little
against socialist marasm, now I am one against 12-16.

PS.  MIPT is similar to MIT butt better. :-)
(Adding "in my opinion" of course according to
Byron A Jeff's recommendations)

PS.PS. I do not agitate for AVR or MSP430,
I do it for 18XXXX.

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