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Hi, Jinx.
From 148g3.pdf -  Microchip Product Line:
"Future" section.

PIC18F1220#  18-Lead PDIP
PIC18F1320#  18-Lead PDIP

These 18-Lead chips will be available when a  beginner
became non-beginner. There is a rumor that 18F in
smaller packages will also be available.
It takes not so much time to deliver new 18F to Australia:
For clippers such as  "Cutty Sark" or "Fermopila" it takes
usualy about two months.


Jinx wrote:
> > >  The fact that there still exist market for 12-16XXX has
> > > no relation to beginner.
> >
> > ???? Please rephrase.
> I think he meant just because the 12-16XXX are popular and freely
> available that's no reason to begin with them

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