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> >  Do not complain of a lack of supply for 18XXXX!
> Not only the supply of actual parts, but in addition a lack of
> tools and information to get started.

I think non-availability is a valid complaint. If someone asked
me today what I'd suggest for a beginner's micro I'd say PIC
and then suggest that the easiest one to get hold of here (ie
available at retail and trade level at a reasonable price in small
numbers) is the F628 or F84. A beginner is not likely to want to
commit to a tube lot of 18F parts

However I would also suggest the AVR 2313 or 8515 for the
same availability reasons

> >  The fact that there still exist market for 12-16XXX has no relation
> > to beginner.
> ???? Please rephrase.

I think he meant just because the 12-16XXX are popular and freely
available that's no reason to begin with them

> >  For non beginner: Nobody would agree to pay more for a job
> > for just using PICs in a project. With 12-16XXX one can't reach
> > productivity and sometime quality as with AVR. So one is to
> > admit to lower wages.

That's in some respect subjective. You could also say the same
about cars. Why would anyone pay for a Rolls Royce when a
Fiat Bambino gets you from A to B as well (extreme example
and not comparing any particular micro to a RR or Bambino)

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