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Thread: GPS Case design - test the Box using relative GPS SigStrength
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... simple test for transparency to RF at 1.575 GHz
is to place the GPS antenna inside then outside the
plastic box under consideration then (given the right
module!) read the difference in signal stength (my JRC
OEM modules in one mode do this trick with ease and
the SS value measured is output relative in deciBels) ...

Second test: Place the GPS antenna in the final position
within the plastic box under consideration in the *same*
proximity to the plastic box's top surface and again
measure the signal strength.

Proximity of the antenna to the platic "cover" will affect
antenna pattern directly and therefore affect indirectly
the antenna's utltimate gain in the desired direction.

(I think I saw a previous post along the same lines but
no reference to the box's plastic affecting the antenna
pattern when in close proximity ...)

RF Jim

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/sensors.htm?key=gps
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Subject (change) GPS Case design - test the Box using relative GPS SigStrength

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