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Thread: F877 I2C module
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> I think it might be time for me to build a Annirak-built logic analyser
> (Annirak and Brendan are one and the same, incidentally)  It would
> make a good use of the 4MHz 877 I've got kicking around

It's not too difficult, although I had to wait until I had a scope fast
enough to get the circuit running properly. It's based on an F628
running at 3.6864MHz (all I had to hand at the time) which does
some simple line controlling and RS232 back to the PC. The
data collection is done by a dividable 40MHz clock driving 32k
fast cache RAM via address drivers / latches. It could use a heap
of improvement, as time permits, and I think it would be worth
something to others as a complete project

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