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Thread: Connecting 16F877 on internet by PSTN
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Funny thing, nobody suggested absolutely obvious variant:
PIC + cheapest computer based on micro-ATX motherboard, I810 for example, connected via WinModem to WebServer.
Eron did not say any word about case dimensions, power consumption.  By the way, micro-ATX case is relatively smal. Power management is rather advanced under M$ software.
Wake-up by PIC may be implemented.
The cost will be aprox:
Case                 $25
Motherboard    $40 (Intel810)
CPU                 $30 (VIA CoolRunner)
RAM  128M     $25
WinModem      $10
HDD-20HB       $65          Win95               $??
Total                 <$200USA

Going this way you are destined to fulfill your task.
A lot of guys on the list once in a while are get connected to WebServers over PSTN. Nothing too complex.

Going in other directions you may remain playing with TCP-IP for a long time, instead of developing
an application. (Look at threads about wages)

  Good Luck.    Mike.

Eron wrote:
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