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Thread: Telephone monitor
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I think you missed my point Russel. (This seems
to happen a lot. Wonder why ...)

Safety and isolation should be a design goal
in *real* product from the beginning - not an
after thought ... even if the 'product' never
sees the light of day in production the daily
use of something built by an by an experimenter
could one day prove fatal ...

That's my point.

NEVER underestimate what Mother Nature, physics
and other people (perhaps making mistakes while
doing high-voltage line work on a pole somewhere!)
can throw at at you. Never underestimate ...

When you're connecting to a "wire" that runs 15,000
some feet to a telco 'switch' via both underground and
above ground paths - there is plenty of potential
('scuze the pun) for trouble when least expected.

It's *one* thing to fool around with wiring that resides
*solely* on one's own premises - it's something else
quite again when a twisted pair runs onto your property
and into one's lab from afar ...

RF Jim

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