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Thread: How much are you paying for your PIC microcontrollers ? NOT AN AD !!!!!!
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I've added some pricing from a few more UK distributors - Rapid
(http://www.rapidelec.co.uk) and Arrow (http://www.arrowuk.com)

http://www.kestrel-electronics.co.uk/memory.html also have a few of
the more common PICs  If you want more than a few, it's always worth calling the franchised
distis listed on the microchip website - many of them are now more
user-friendly to non-account holders than they used to be, e.g. taking
credit card orders etc., but be sure to check the delivery charges. e.g. pic12C671 Farnell 1.51 (100x) Future 1.18 (90x - 1 tube)

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 12:07:37 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi again everyone - I'm just trying to get some idea as to how much we are overpaying for Microcontrollers here in the UK. I've taken prices from Maplin (home hobby stuff in the UK) http://www.maplin.co.uk ,Farnell (slightly more industrial supplier) http://www.farnell.co.uk ,and Crownhill (very PIC orientated) http://www.crownhill.co.uk . Here's what is being charged for single chip purchases in UK pounds

>16F872 20/IP
>Maplin            2.99
>Farnell            4.30
>Crownhill        2.35
Arrow 2.80
>16F873 20/IP
>Maplin            6.99 (04/P)
>Farnell            7.79
>Crownhill        4.00
Arrow 5.11
Rapid 4.08 (-04)

>16F874 04/P
>Maplin            7.49
>Farnell            7.23
>Crownhill        5.29
Rapid 5.20
Arrow 5.58 (20P)
>16F876 04/SP
>Maplin            7.49
>Farnell            7.12
>Crownhill        4.23
Rapid 5.20
>16F877 20/P
>Maplin            5.99 (04P)
>Farnell            8.33 (7.79 for 04P)
>Crownhill        5.88 (4.64 for 04P)
Rapid 6.00
Arrow 6.03 (/IP)

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Subject (change) How much are you paying for your PIC microcontrollers ? NOT AN AD !!!!!!

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