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Thread: 16F628 vs 16F84 preaching. Was and really still is: RE: [PIC]: selecting your first
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> But it's the classic fallacy. Novices never stay novices.
> Projects very quickly
> become more complex as the novice developer becomes more
> comfortable with the
> environment.

Agreed, but novices usually don't look that far ahead when scratching
their heads and thinking where to begin.  A few bucks wasted on a
16F84 "feet-wetter" is no big deal to almost anyone.

I'll agree with others that there really is a good amount of PIC 16F628
info out there, but most newbies don't want to tackle a month's worth
of docs before seeing their LED's blink.

Hey, I have an idea -- let's buy a bunch of those LED's that have
built-in blinkers, and sell them to newbies for $5 each, telling
them that they include pre-programmed 16F84's.  Connect a couple
volts, watch it blink, ditch it, then pick up some 16F628's. :-)
I'll go reserve my spot on late-night infomercial TV now -- right
between the Hollywood 24-hr diet and the 30-minute millionaire
system. :-)

> OK. I can buy that. I'll put up a 16F628 based blinky LED on my page.

That's the spirit! :-)

And of course, I make these demands on you folks, when I've been
meaning to get my own web pages up and running (and include a bunch
of good PIC content) for a while now.  Slap on my own wrist.  :-(


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Subject (change) 16F628 vs 16F84 preaching. Was and really still is: RE: [PIC]: selecting your first

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