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Thread: Jet-printer ink that could resist ferric chloride.
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>Depositing etchant onto a smooth PCB surface will be much more complicated
>than depositing absorbant ink onto porous paper. How will you deal with
>running, smears, drips, etc.?
>Justin wrote:
>>I'm talking about directly onto the pcb as an etch resist

There was an article in Electronics Australia (IIRC) about 7-8 years ago on
doing this with a plotter. The author used a special pen that fitted the
plotter, but I cannot remember what ink he used. It was reasonably
successful IIRC. Be alright for getting a one-off PCB for in house etching.

IIRC the pen was made by Staedtler, the draughting instrument people, and
had a ceramic tip designed for plotting on vellum, or some other highly
abrasive draughting medium.

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Subject (change) Jet-printer ink that could resist ferric chloride.

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