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Thread: Interrupts for SX
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Hi James
Thanks for you advices

Now the chip is not hot but
It seem that the result is still the same there is still a lot of false
trigger, have you experience this before?
i have tried with dip switch and it seems ok but when when link up with
another SX such problem occur?

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> I've reviewed the code several times and I honestly don't see any problems
> other than the pins that are being set as inputs. IF the pins set for
> are not connected to anything, they could easily be oscillating rapidly
> the interrupt routine sends data via the TX routine.
> Try this: Change each unconnected pin from an input to an output. Check
> wiring of the connected pins for shorts (if they are outputs) or opens (if
> they are inputs) with the chip removed.
> Also, the hardware you are using to transmit data from the SX to the PC
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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/ubicom/sxints.htm?key=interrupt
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