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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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- I personally cannot understand the point you are trying to make in this
message. When matters being discussed get somewhat emotional it is a good
idea to try hard to make sure people understand what you are saying.
(I don't always manage to do this myself, sadly :-( ).

- Perhaps you mean that you are sympathising with James because few other
people wish to join him on congratulating the USA on its 4th of July
birthday. Happily, quite a few have now done so.

- Perhaps you mean that the US finds itself alone in the world because of
its actions and that it is not well liked. I believe that the US has many
friends and often does much good in the world and is a great force for good
& freedom in world affairs.
As a young country (a mere 226 years young), while it often does well, it is
still somewhat finding its way in international maturity. In time I believe
it will attain the maturity that goes with the power that it wields.

- I assume that you weren't suggesting that nobody likes James. That would,
of course, be a really stupid suggestion. Hey, even Olin likes James ! (I
think :-) ). We (almost ?) all like James - even if some don't always agree
with eveything he says.

If what you were suggesting is important it may be a good idea to reword it
so people can understand your point clearly.

Also, two suggestions - see PS below.


               RM    aka   Russell McMahon


PS:  Two suggestions:

As in all lists like this one, list practice is that messages in capitals
(as your one was) convey the special meaning of "shouting" or making a
particular point very very loudly. This is usually best reserved for making
a very important point very very clear. "Shouting" unimportant or
contentious points is generally held, rightly or wrongly, to be rather rude.

Adding your name is usually a good idea - the more so if the content is
important (even though we are all usually well enough identified by our
email addresses).

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