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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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I was just amazed that no other US supporters said happy birthday
to the US.

I did NOT demand that everyone agree with my feelings, I was just
shocked to find that I was apparently alone. Unlike any other
lists you may subscribe to, the piclist is really many lists. You
can turn off [OT] or the other channels if you like.

Engineers are also human and citizens of the worlds countries and
[OT] is the only place we can discuss these wide rangeing topics
among ourselves. I pushed for the topic tags because I had come
to see that the off topic discussions on the PICList were more
enlightened and mind expanding than any political, economic, or
other forum.

I've been happy to see complaints about US treatment of other
countries along with congratulations and support. We need to know
what other people think and hear the other side of the story. I'm
never convinced that the news that plays in the US is
representative of the rest of the world. We have a distinct
tendancy to be isolative, and most of us choose to watch the news
that is somewhat self serving; a fact that has not escaped the
news orginizations.

Re: Stealing power from Canada. I'm so disgusted with Grey Davis
that I will activly campaign against him in the next govenors
election for the state of California. His screw up of the power
problem and his screwing over of Canada (and Washington state)
have not gone unnoticed.

Re: Bush. God, I'm embarrised for our country. I pushed for Gore,
but I don't know that he would have been better. Bush is a moron.
His short sighted handleing of the tarrif issue with steel and
the EU has only been eclipsed by his idiotic, heavy handed
management of our involvement in the middle east. Clinton may
have been crooked as a dogs hind leg, but he was smooth... <GRIN>

These jerks only rip off our country and our fellow countries
because we don't get mad enough to stop them (speaking of us in
the US). Write your leaders and let them know that you will vote
or work against them in the next election.

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