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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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>Are you aware the Oslo accord freed a convicted terrorist from an Israeli
>jail to permit him to be a pilot in the 911 attack?
Well, if we're going to play the blame game, let's at least get the identity of the terrorist right. It was not Muhammad Atta - believed to be the mastermind behind the September attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon - who was convicted of the 1986 bombing and machine gun attack on a bus in Samaria, sentenced to life imprisonment and later released. It was Mahmoud Abed Atta, a Palestinian associated with the Abu Nidal terror organization. They are not the same person. According to the Jerusalem Post, Mahmoud Abed Atta fled to Venezuela after the bus attack but was deported to the U.S. and eventually (in 1990) extradited to Israel, where he was tried and sentenced for his crime. His subsequent release from prison, confirmed by the Israeli Justice Ministry, had nothing to do with the Oslo Accord or intervention by either the Reagan or the Clinton administration. It was the result of a finding by the Supreme Court of Israel that Abed Atta's extradition process was flawed. The freed terrorist's whereabouts are now unknown, officials say. Accounts differ on when WTC terrorist Muhammad Atta became a political activist, but in any case he was only 18 and living with his family in Cairo when the 1986 bus attack occurred. In 1992 he moved to Germany, where he met his future co-conspirators and ultimately began plotting the September 11 attacks. The Jerusalem Post attributes confusion about the identities of the two terrorists to "rumors circulating on the Internet," but in fact those rumors had their origin in erroneous press reports during the first few days after September 11.
Sources and further reading: Internet Rumors Aside, WTC Attacker Not Held by Israel
Jerusalem Post, 8 November 2001 A Case of Mistaken Identity
Anti-Defamation League, November 2001
Dennis Crawley

Keep your mind cool to judge If you gonna play God!
Keep your mind very, very, very cool to pull the trigger
if you gonna "waste the #$%$#$^%^ers".

To Theories attemp to erase the big spirit of US:
"National Security" and "Side Effect"("collateral damage" or "doble effect cause", according to the moralists). There you will find the elements of why many people arround the world hate US.

The Other big thing, but nothing to do whit US(Nation as people), is the IMF.
It is a fact that they negociate with the "crap" of all "small" countries(economicaly small), They have planned all the slavery laws we have now for the past 30 years. They regulate our lives, and now they took our money, rigth earned.(City Bank, NB of Boston, etc.).

Combine these 3 elements and you will get a very-explosive-time-bomb.

I'm argentine.
40% of my blood is English-American.
I'm very sorry abt. 911
I'm very happy abt US scientific-tecnical-cultural progress.
I believe in democracy, freedom,...but I hate politics.
(I fact, your current president, is not voted by mayority!!!)

...I'm confident in american people, Happy Birthday.

...The real question is if you are confident on us.
Stop the witch hunting, let's think together.


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