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Thread: What have you designed using PIC?
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On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Joe Farr wrote:

>But a power fail occures in the middle of upgrading the firmware - so the
>PIC just sit's with no firmware loaded while your on the floor clutching
>your chest.

But he has a backup van de Graf (sp! Harnivore) to zap him back into life
if such a thing happens. It is triggered by the little captain's elbow on
the poop castle of the sailing ship model, which is tethered by the rubber
bung that is kept taut and thus the boat away from the shore of the small
water-filled tub, by a mains-powered running fan.


PS: My slanted kicks on Harnivore are related to vanishing email. I am
well aware of its usefulness as an early warning tool. I DO NOT want to
be aware of its use as a censorship device. Just to make a thing clear.

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