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Thread: Newfound Warp-13 PIC Programmer - POWER SUPPLY
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I'm having REAL problems locating a suitable power supply for the Newfound
Warp-13 PIC Programmer, a cheap PICstart plus basically.  I live in the UK,
so I've looked at Radio Shack and Maplin, but as far as I can tell (I'm just
getting into electronics) nothing is suitable, and I dont know any other
electronics supply sites.  Details can be found:

Applicable information:

You will need to provide your own power supply suitable for the country you
live in A wall wart that can supply 12VAC or 17-22VDC  @200mA is ideal. The
WARP-13 power connector is a 2.1mm DC power socket and is not polarity
sensitive due to the full bridge rectification onboard the WARP-13.


This programmer requires an external power supply of 12VAC or 16VDC. It has
a diode bridge on the input, so it accepts both AC and DC. The input Jack
size is 2.1mm
Any plug pack, or wall wart that will supply 100ma or more will suit this

Please, help me!  I really want to get into this stuff.

Kieren Johnstone

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