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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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Pete S wrote:
>  > Am I reading too much into this or is it that the American people
>  > are embarrised or ashamed? Too polite to disagree with happyness
>  > in another year of the USA?
>  >
>  > James Newton: PICList.com webmaster, former Admin #3
> I am just a little perplexed.  Why is an exhortation like this being
> in the PICList.  I subscribe to  several lists, and correspond with
> others - and feel absolutely no inclination to contact all and sundry
> any communication channel about this.

  You may switch off your  [OT]: tag. You may pay him for
for non showing his patriotic feelings, if he agreed, of course.
You may hide your head in sand, like ostrich. Your are free,
thanks to God and Uncle Sam.
  I undestand you, You are so proud of your country that
you feel uncomfortable, when it happened, that someone
also feels so but with diferent country.
  In general, teaching him(Admin) about List rules is a waste
of time, by definition. We may only ask Admin in very conjunctive
mood, if we realy want to get a result. He is free, thanks to
previously mentioned.

  Mike. Ukraine.

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