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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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James Newton, webmaster wrote:

> If you have a problem with my country, tell me what it is.

  And what? Can you fix someone's problem? Or,
have you bug-free version of your  country? :-)

  US nation is the nation of immigrants. Many millions
of them came from my region for past two centuries.
Thank to god they had this choice.
  As for me, I'd rather prefer also to have a choice between
even non bug-free things, then to stick for the hole
life to certain absolutely fair totalitarian religion or ideology.
Fearing permanently to death, not to say or even not to think
something, that may be treated as injurious thoughts.
  But there are a lot of people, who definitely prefer
strong determinism of totalitarian religions or ideologies.
They are raised so, that it is a big pain for them, when
they need to think about anything.
  Imaging, for years you deal only with discrete
components and sometimes with simplest PICs
(Aren't we at PICList now? :-). And one day you are get
faced to real world with all this TSQL languages, .NET
frames, n-tier things, big 90n process SPLDs and FPGAs
and so on. Naturally, many of us would say: We needn't
this f..king freedom. All we need is "Best small windows
developer platform". Long live Embeded World Dictator!

  Happy birthday USA.

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