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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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   First of all, I only present my view (from half-way
   across the globe) bcoz James Newton had to foresight
   to ask for opinions for or against the U.S.
   as you celebrate the birth of your nation.

   I can't say my view is in the majority, but it
   represents a view of a "moderate", I believe.

> If you'll take the time to look, you'll find that usually it *is* a UN
> action that drags US troops in as the primary method of accomplishing the
> UN's mission.  Who do you think provides the vast majority of troops and
> equipment to the UN?

   On the Bosnia issue and most of the conflict
   around the globe, I think most of the world
   support you as it is on a U.N. mandate.

   No doubt the U.S. have the resources to be
   the major contributor of UN peacekeeping forces.
   Heck, even my small country with our miniscule
   GDP contributed to the peacekeeping force in Bosnia.

   But take a look at the Israel-Palestine case,
   it is a world apart.

   U.S. consistently vetoed suggestions to put
   U.N. peacekeeping force into what is essentially
   a killing field, ignoring advises even from
   your traditional allies.

   I had to ask why ?


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