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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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Well, I have to say this has remained remarkably civilized.  I'll try not
to change that.

On Sat, 6 Jul 2002, Peter Tiang wrote:

>     Sometimes I just cannot understand
>     why the U.S. need to get itself involved
>     in conflicts such as the Middle East.

Better to get involved early, while the problem is more manageable and can
be handled away from our shores, for one thing.  Why wait until some
missile-toting idiot manages to overrun half the world before stepping in
to stop him?  We learned that lesson in the 1940's.  We may seem a little
thick at times, but we do try to learn from our own mistakes.  "We don't
repeat the same mistakes, we invent all new ones!"

Personally, I think we're stepping on land mines of our own manufacture
every time we turn around in some areas of the world.  I don't always
agree with our policy everywhere, but it's at worst no worse than before
we got there, and at best significantly better.  Even in Afghanistan, the
noncombatant population has suffered fewer collateral fatalities than they
would have under Taliban rule in the same period.  There's even a chance
the country may return to modern civilization, given enough US assistance.

>     Why not just leave it to the United Nations,
>     instead of vetoing most of the resolutions
>     from the UN security council.

If you'll take the time to look, you'll find that usually it *is* a UN
action that drags US troops in as the primary method of accomplishing the
UN's mission.  Who do you think provides the vast majority of troops and
equipment to the UN?

>     U.S. big bullying action (depends on whose
>     opinion you seek) is causing a lot of anger
>     among the muslim population, it is no wonder
>     it attracts a lot of nut-case terrorist.

US bullying?  State imposed religion, genocide, repression of entire
populations, forced labor, violent conquest of neighboring countries...
THERE's your bullying.  If despots, madmen and tin-pot dictators are
pissed at the US, I see that as a positive sign that we're doing something

>     One thing that can be noticed is that everytime
>     U.S. goes to war, it will be followed by an
>     economic boom. So not sure there's is a
>     correlation there.. ?

Last time I checked we didn't start this one, or the one before...


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