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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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At 04:09 PM 7/5/02 -0700, James Newton wrote:

> My God. Am I the only American on the list who is still proud of
> his country? Is no one from the rest of the world willing to at
> least toast our success?
> Am I reading too much into this or is it that the American people
> are embarrised or ashamed? Too polite to disagree with happyness
> in another year of the USA?
> James Newton: PICList.com webmaster, former Admin #3

I am just a little perplexed.  Why is an exhortation like this being made
in the PICList.  I subscribe to  several lists, and correspond with many
others - and feel absolutely no inclination to contact all and sundry via
any communication channel about this.

Admittedly, I reside in Australia.  But I certainly wouldn't expect anyone
to post anything about Australia Day on the 26th Jan. on this list.

Be as patriotic as you wish.  But please remember that this doesn't mean
that everone else has to be similarly patriotic.  I personally would rather
live here than in the US (for reasons that I won't go into here) but thats
just *my* view.

And I guess thats what prompted me to write this...  Not everybody *does*
think that the US is unequivocally, absolutely, without doubt, the best
country on Earth.  *I'm* not saying I know its not!.  But I am saying one
has to know a helluva lot to be able to make such a claim.  And I can't see
any excuse for thinking its ok to virtually go round ramming this idea down
other peoples throats.  By all means, [OT] something about this, but
really, do you think you've got the right to insist that everyone else
should?  Especially here?

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