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Thread: RC Oscillator + Prices
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At 02:49 PM 06/07/02 +1200, you wrote:
> > using a 16F84A.  Has anyone got one of these to work using the RC ?
>Set your config to RC of course

Thanks. That will help when I rummage through my parts bin ;-]

>You should be changing to the F628. Tell 'im Byron. It's cheaper
>and has many more features than the F84A

These just happened to be something I could actually grab instead of waiting
for.  That and I needed an excuse to fire up my newly inherited epic
For what I want to use these for I just need bare bones cheeeeaaaaap.
Internal RC would be nice too. Other than probes for switch positions
else is just pwm.

Tnx J.


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Subject (change) RC Oscillator + Prices

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