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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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Sorry to add to this, but I must.  There are two sides to every
conflict.  Sure we (the US) are preserving our best interests when we get
involved in foreign matters, but what makes that ok in my mind is that it
is we usually side with the most civilized and humane
party.  Unfortunately, without us the UN would not have the ability to do
anything.  It would be nice if we could ignore the rest of the world, but
that is just not possible.  If your neighbor drives their car drunk all the
time you can ignore it or attempt to stop them.  If you ignore it your
child or your friends child may be in front of that car some day.  What
makes me proud to be an American is that it is not only my child that I am
concerned about.  The world is more and more like a big neighborhood every
day.  To me freedom rules and it seems every country we have a problem with
does not understand what it means to really be free.

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