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Thread: Happy birthday USA
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How many sons and daughters has NZ lost in the
two great World Wars and various conflicts since RM?

I have had a chance to see the after-effects first-hand
what war does to people - as my Dad worked at a VA
Hospital (Veterans Administration Hospital - where
those who didn't die in the wars go *if* they can't
make it in society due to mental or physical conditions).
When I was growing up there were vets there from WWII
and the Korean conflcit. Later men from the Vietnam
conflict arrived ...

There is no country on the face of this earth that
has contributed more in the way of these men (and
material) in the attempt at liberating men's minds
and bodies from tyranny - whether it was Hitler or
the communists in the form of the various Soviet
leaders (whom history records as having killed of

We are also (from what I read and see) the BIGGEST
donor of aid from charitable NGO's (non-gov organiza-
tions) organizations in the world.

And WHY do we do it? Because, in our founding documemts
(like the Declaration of Independence) we declare that
our rights extend from God and not simply from some
tyrant that lineage has decreed is to be our ruling
sovereign ...

So we just *naturally* extend this 'opportunity' to any
and all that express an interest and that they would
like to taste, exercise and embrace their God-given
rights and the freedom to live one's life as we *have
fought* to do.

I let *all* of our record stand - as long as the the
above is part of the record of testimony ...

I should *also* mention (I kind of assume that everyone
knows this!) that the citizenry of the US is and has
been made up of people's from all around the world
that came in search of something else - whether it
was to flee tryranny or a famine - they came seeking
relief from that which 'afflicted' them where they
were previously.

The USA's progress is a direct result of those new
immigrants and their children enjoying the freedomn
to do their best - and to invent and discover and
innovate at their own pace without direct fear of
the whip!

And don't get me wrong - the USA is surely not a
'finished work' either to be held high on a pedastal
as the 'ultimate ideal' either. But I think (and I
believe) that we have worked in the past several
centuries to build the right foundation upon which
to form a means 'to govern the affairs of men'.
But there is a down side to this, for any attempt to
govern will have it's greasy, seemy underside where
the 'work' must finally get done, where the rubber
necessarily meets the road and HARD decisions HAVE
to get made - so in closing I quote Churchill:

"It has been said that democracy is the worst form
 of government except all the others that have been

Respectfully submitted to RM and to the Piclist -


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