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Thread: Working with or-cad layout.
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> I just noticed also that every part appears on both the
> top and bottom layers.  Do I have to actually edit the footprint (and
> delete the specific unwanted layer) of every part to only have it appear
> on one layer?
> Aaron

You must select the right footprint for your components. If it is a
surfacemount component, use a footprint for surfacemount.
If its throughmount use a throughtmount footprint.

If you use a surfacemount footprint it will only appear on the side
you place the component in layout. And ofcourse througmount
components will be on both sides.

There are some exellent short lessons in the help menu
for the basics:-)

And if you happens to find out howto change the size of
a single pad in layout gimme a buzz !

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