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Thread: Re: [PIC]:where can I find example to interface pc keybaord...
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> It is hard to be on the receiving end when Olin reprimands, but if he had
> not Piclist would become a typical newsgroup.  It will be have so much
> that the good and the kinder ones will find it not worthwhile to stay on.
> Indirectly, he is upkeeping the list for you and me.
> Cheers, Ling SM

In general, if one is asking for help, is it too much to ask to conform to
net/list-etikett in return ? Personally I just auto-delete msges with
body that are out of control. I kinda admire Olin for taking the time and
effort to point out what isnt gererally liked on the list...
'nuff said.

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Subject (change) Re: [PIC]:where can I find example to interface pc keybaord...

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