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Thread: good share/freeware PCB software
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> Many people on the list like Eagle.  I've never used it (or even looked
> at it) but I do have some recommendations based on the experience of
> learning to use several of these packages.  Think long term.  Is this
> the only electronics project you ever expect to do or are you taking it
> up as a career?

Well, for those of you wondering who the new idiot on the list is, maybe an
intro is in order :)

I just graduated this year from Columbia University as an EE.  I studied
mostly microelectronic circuits / high performance VLSI design... so my
basic analog and stuff are pretty pathetic/miserable.  I'm doing a little
project for my car (I'm also into autos) that I'm going to try and sell a
few of.  I'm mostly playing with the PCB thing just to get a hand at it.  I
could easily make the thing all by myself using proto board and like my
toaster oven and through-hole.  I'd like to get experience with a PCB
program, yes, but do I see myself using it very often?  Probably not.  I
don't mind using a program if it's difficult, as long as it's GOOD.  I
played around a bit with Eagle's free thing yesterday and it's pretty darn
good.  It has a LARGE inventory of parts and packages, and if I figured out
how to use it worth a darn, it would probably work very well.

{Quote hidden}

Yeah the eagle tutorial in the help is pretty bad.  I didn't look hard for
something online, though.  I'll check out the cadint stuff, though.  Again,
at this stage, at least, it's mostly play.  I have a job lined up for
September working for the third largest oscilloscope manufacturer doing VLSI
and VHDL and etc., but it'd be nice to know this stuff.

> On the issue of reading material, I'd recommend the technical tips
> section of the online board vendor's websites.  Olimex has a great tech
> tips file and I know that several people on the list have used their
> service.

OK I'll take a peek.  Maybe I'll printout a bunch of stuff and take it on my
flight to Japan.  I'll need some reading material :)

> Hope this hasn't been too patronizing.

Not at all.  Any advice is always appreciated and always useful.


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