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Thread: sadly basic question - PS2205-4 NEC/CEL opto isolator (extended relay stuff)
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now, am I understanding this right? According to the specs it says if you
give it If=1mA, at Vce=2v you typically get 2000% transfer, or 20mA as Ic??

So if one wanted something like 100mA Ic one would need about 5mA If (at the
same Vce of 2v)??

But in the relay application, you'd have something like 12v dropping across
the coil and the opto.  If the coil drops 9V at 100mA (arbitrary), that
"leaves" 3v Vce... which would change the actual current being pulled... by
a lot?  I wouldn't think so since the graph of Ic vs Vce is well saturated
even at 2v for If=5mA... ??

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Subject (change) sadly basic question - PS2205-4 NEC/CEL opto isolator (extended relay stuff)

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