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Thread: Xeltec Superpro280
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> If I adopted the "buy a real programmer" attitude, I'd be taking my car
> back to the dealer for oil changes and new tires, too.  I have a good
> programmer (EPIC+ from microEngineering Labs, a Tait style design) and am
> considering an even better one (Warp-13).  Reason I haven't bought a
> Warp-13?  Well, the EPIC does everything I need it to do, without
> exception, and has never once failed...  so there's been no need so far.

No that's definitely true.  And being a car guy I know -- I do most of the
work on my car myself.  It turns out that some further exploration of the
PICAll site reveals that the PIC16PRO and the PICAll both program the 16F7X.
The listings on dontronics, 123, etc. are very incomplete and the listing on
PICAll took some prodding to find (it was under software not hardware,

> Some people seem to think that if the manufacturer offers a tool at any
> price, that's the only tool you should use.  I tend to believe that even
> if the manufacturer offers a tool, you should look at others because they
> may well be better, or may be of equal quality at a far lower cost.  Just
> my own personal opinion.

Well I looked around the net and found that the SuperPro series were
generally less expensive than other models while offering similar if not
better performance in some cases.  I then even found some on eBay.  Since
the PIC16PRO and PICAll support what I'm after, I might just get those.  I
could break down and get a Warp-13.. but if I'm going this route, why bother
with the extra functionality?


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