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Thread: Xeltec Superpro280
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> If you have read the EEPROM programming specs of the 16F73, it's
> essentially programmed the same way as 16F87x

Last time I checked "essentially" wasn't a guarantee :)

> I wager that even if the software doesn't support 16F73, you could program
> it as though it's a 16f873/4 (same program memory size) with zero
> modification.

I save my wagers for sporting events.  If a manufacturer doesn't say their
product supports it, I assume it doesn't.  I suppose I could email the
manufacturer and get a definitive answer, but I'd rather just spend a little
more money and have a guaranteed thing as well as the ability to program
lots of other stuff.

I just said to someone else in a PM -- it's always good to have a good tool.
Even if you don't plan to use all of its functionality, you may need it
someday, your friend may need it someday, and it gives you the ability to do
things that you might not have even planned to do.

Warp-13 looks pretty promising, but someone just yesterday (2 days ago?)
complained about a problem with one and was greeted with "buy a real
programmer" as a reply.  Now I come along and ask about a real programmer,
and am told to go on the cheap.  What gives? :)

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