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Thread: Xeltec Superpro280
face BY : Erik Jacobs email (remove spam text)

> > > Look for a better design such as p16pro40 which you can get
> > > assembled for less than 20$.
> >
> > google search for this comes up nil.
> I got it from
> http://www.electronics123.com/amazon/catalogue/c3-3-7.htm

It doesn't program the 16F73, which is the PIC I intend to use for this
project.  The F84 does not have any A/D or enough timers, and is also more
expensive than the 16F73 in every incarnation (looking at DigiKey price
list).  In fact, MOST programmers do not support the 16F73 (at least not
readily listed as doing such).

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