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Thread: Xeltec Superpro280
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> But do you want all that support ! 450 bucks dosn't sound that
> cheap if all you want is a PIC programmer. You can pick one up
> ready built for less than 50 and I would think you can build one
> for next to nothing. The only part you probably don't have lying
> around is a ZIF socket. And think of all those PIC's you could
> buy with what you saved !
> The best thing I ever did was built my own. It works really well,
> and I understand how it does it. No fancy parts to go wrong.
> I'd get/build a cheap one untill your sure you know exactly what
> you need - might save you a packet in the long run.

Well there's two ways I can look at this:

1) Yes, you're right.  And:

 A) But I'm a fan of overkill, and since EE is my life, it couldn't hurt to
have such a thing.
 B) I probably should just build the El Cheapo

2) Speaking in reference to the freelance work thread, since I am working on
this project for a company, it seems that I might want to try and stick them
with the bill.  $450 is a lot easier to slip in than $1000, and could be
validated more easily as a "Prototyping Cost".

Shrug many a time!

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